Bike Durham Zine

Illustration, words, and design by SV, as part of a larger publication to be released in 2023. Art direction, editing, font selection by Bike Durham (Carmen Kuan & Justin Laidlaw).

Mural: Bay Area Discovery Museum

The exhibit was in-progress when I finished my mural…more photos to come!

As of May 2021 I’m posting progress photos to instagram, and will be adding full-exhibit photos as they’re available…

Huge thank you to Marlene Chen and Alan Maskin of Olson Kundig for the opportunity to contribute, and to Elizabeth Friedrich of BADM and Alex Meyer for coordinating the install!
Mural design and install by Steven
Exhibit design by Olson Kundig
Project management by Alex Meyer of Meyer Technical
Exhibit Production and Install by Pacific Studios. Special thanks to Morgan Womble-Dahl for his implementation ideas.
Final thanks to Mark Sabatino & Gizmo Art Production for commissioning the little mural that inspire this big one!

Gizmo Mural

Approximately 8×12 feet size, this mural depicts a few of the sculptures that Gizmo Art Production has built and installed in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Other fun stuff scattered throughout: a playful jab at the CEO’s music habit, Janis Joplin’s house, Miss Doubtfire’s house, 3 bikes, moustaches, a very prominent paintbrush, and grafitti by Barry McGee.

Medium: India Ink

E. Coli Muller Plot

I helped scientist Rohan Maddamsetti create a Muller Plot and supporting diagrams for his paper on E. coli evolution.  Rohan provided the raw data and we worked together to merge it together into the final diagram using Adobe Illustrator.

The paper was awarded the “1st Centennial Award For Population And Evolutionary Genetics.” More info from the Genetics Society of America.

The full scientific article: Adaptation, Clonal Interference, and Frequency-Dependent Interactions in a Long-Term Evolution Experiment with Escherichia coli


Various life drawings, ideas, and illustrations, mostly personal work